Yusuke Kawasaki

Updated: March 5th, 2006


* Cutting edge web system especially for mobile phones.
* Interpersonal communication through Internet.
* Develop useful common libraries for programmers.
* Collaborate with software engineers all over the world

Work Experience

Kappe Inc., Chiba, JAPAN (Apr/2000 - Sep/2005)
    - Vice president, chief technical officer, project management.
    - Programming, network management, sales.
    - Corporation re-organization. (Apr/2000)
Ina-Kappe L.P., Chiba, JAPAN (May/1998 - Apr/2000)
    - Start-up, founding partner.
    - Programming, network management, sales.

Leading projects on Ina-Kappe L.P. and Kappe Inc.: (Selected)

* Official ringtones website for NTT DoCoMo i-mode phones. (2003-)
    - 30,000+ users, 10,000+ songs, 24h/7d system, servers and network.
    - User registration, ringtones download, bbs system, sales analyzing.
    - Backend management system for manufacturing ringtones.

* Online registration system for PC and mobile phones. (2000-)
    - Open-campaign and closed-campaign, questionnaire and present.
    - JAN code based product authentication, ID code based customer authentication.
    - Support every moblie phone sold in Japan. 150+ models.
    - Real time analyzing system for managers of clients' marketing section.
    - Send 200+ million e-mails for registered customers every week.
    - Returned error mail detection and automated unsubscribe.

* Access_log analyzing system for Apache web servers (1999-)
    - Split access_log file daily, insert into database.
    - Real-time analyzing for 1+ million page view websites.
    - Personal access tracing, search engine keywords ranking.

* Web application framework for LAPP (1999-)
    - Specification of framework, development, standardized in the company.
    - Easy to learn, using Linux/Apache/Perl/PostgreSQL.

* E-mail communication system for customer relationship management. (1999-)
    - Real-time e-mail generation, incoming/outgoing e-mail spooling system.
    - 20 million e-mails within five years.

Education and Professional Development

Chiba University, Chiba, JAPAN
    - M.Sc., Center for Environmental Remote Sensing (Apr/1999 - Mar/2001)
    - Department of Information and Sciences (Apr/1995 - Mar/1999)

* Research: 
    Biomass, ground truth database with remote sensing technology using satellites.
* Observation: 
    One month at desert of Mandal-Gobi, Mongolia. (Aug/2000)
* My role: 
    Composite satellite images of NASA/NOAA/AVHRR.
    Generate crowd-free and whole-earth-covered images 1km per pixel.
    C-language, 20 servers clustered and 3TB tape archiving.

Brandon College, San Francisco, CA (Dec/2005 - Jan/2006)
    - Intensive English course focused on engineering+technical vocabulary 


Ajax, basic techniques for implements (Mar/2006)
    - Book published by Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd. [ISBN:4774125792]

Greasemonkey's practical reference (Apr/2006)
    - Article on magazine, Software Design by Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.


* Project Manager, IPA, JAPAN (2005)
* Network Specialist, IPA, JAPAN (2000)
* Class 1 Information Technology Engineer, IPA, JAPAN (1999)

Computer Skills
* Languages: Perl, JavaScript, C, C++, ActionScript, PHP, ASP, Ruby
* Databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Berkeley_DB
* Platforms: Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows

Contributing Projects
* KCatch.pm (1999-present)
    - Perl module for catching errors to avoid "Internal Server Error" on Perl/CGI scripts.
* phone.pl (2000-present)
    - Perl library for detecting mobile phones, size of display and other specifications.
    - One of the most popular libraries for Perl/CGI in Japan.
* JKL.ParseXML (2005-present)
    - JavaScript class to process remote XML file without using DOM methods.
    - Library for ajax to develop rich web contents.

* Seminar about PostgreSQL's instances (Sep/2005)
    - JPUG, Japan PostgreSQL Users Group