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Name:   川崎有亮 (Yusuke Kawasaki)
Age:   (M)
Nationality:   Japan
E-mail:   u-suke [at] kawa.net
Website:   http://www.kawa.net/ RSS
Current Title: Cheif architect of the Media Technology Labs,
Recruit Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) and Recruit Strategic Partners, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)
Motto:   "Touching is believing." * Please note that I've been using this my personal motto
at least since June 4th, 2006 before Apple use the same copy in their ads at August 2007. ;)


Dec 1989 - start programming on MSX2+ (Panasonic FS-A1WSX)
Mar 1995 - graduate Inage High Scool
Feb 1997 - get the four-lettern domain name kawa.net
May 1998 - found our first company Ina-Kappe L.P. (Chiba) * Co-founder
Mar 1999 - graduate from Infomation Science Dept., Chiba Univ. * Bachelor
Apr 2000 - evolve a stock company as Kappe Inc. (Chiba)
Mar 2001 - graduate from Center for Environmental Remote Sensing, Chiba Univ. * M.Sc.
Sep 2005 - leave Kappe Inc. (CTO)
Jan 2006 - complete a course at Brandon College (San Francisco, CA)
Aug 2006 - join RECRUIT Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
Jul 2007 - move to Recruit's Media Technology Labs * Chief Architect/Web Tech
Jan 2012 - move to Recruit Strategic Partners, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA) * Chief Architect/Investor

Talks / Events

The following list shows most of presentations I've gave and/or conferences I've organized.







Internet Week 2008
IT Community Impact! -The new trend changes the world-
Date: 2008.11.25
Venue: Akihabara Convention Hall, Akihabara Daibiru
Issue: Nikkei BP ITpro

Mashup Awards 4 - Awards Ceremony
Date: 2008.10.19
Venue: Recruit Co., Ltd., GranTokyo South Tower, Tokyo

* As a planner and master of the ceremony.
(Photo by Takayuki Okazaki)

OpenID Tech Seminar "GINZA TECH LOUNGE feat. OpenID"
Date: 2008.09.10
Venue: Recruit Co., Ltd., Ginza

* As a planner and master of the technical talks event by Recruit, Mixi and Yahoo! Japan.

XDev 2008 (X-over Development Conference 2008) Talk: "Mashup X Enterprise Developments"
Date: 2008.09.04
Venue: Meguro Gajoen

Mashup Caravan in Osaki
Date: 2008.08.29
Venue: Adobe Systems Inc., Osaki

* 7th venue for the Mashup Caravan.
(Photo by kenji.funasaki)

Media Evolution.
Date: 2008.08.23
Venue: ZAIM, Yokohama

* Video streaming

YAPC::Europe 2008
Date: 2008.08.13-15
Venue: CBS, Copenhagen, Denmark

Talk: "DOM manipulation by Gainer/Wiimote over HTTP"

Shibuya.js in Kyoto
Date: 2008.07.19
Venue: Kyoto Computer Gakuin (Open Source Conference 2008 Kansai)

Talk: "Web browser controls Wii Remote"

Date: 2008.07.12
Venue: Nagoya Congress Center, Nagoya

Talk: "Easy Mashing up by JavaScript"

Mashup Caravan
Date: 2008.07.12-28
* 6 venues through Japan

YAPC::NA 2008
Date: 2008.06.16-18
Venue: Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA

Talk #1: "WSS - WebService Specification Schema and LL libraries"
Talk #2: "DOM manipulation by Gainer/Wiimote over HTTP"

YAPC::Asia 2008 Tokyo YAPC::Asia 2008 Tokyo
"DOM manipulation by Wiimote/Gainer over HTTP"
May 15, 2008 (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ookayama)

OSDC.TW 2008 OSDC.TW 2008
"DOM manipulation by Wiimote/Gainer over HTTP"
April 12, 2008 (Taipei, Taiwan)

Google JAPAN's developers round table #5 Google JAPAN's developers round table #5
Panel discussion about "OpenSocial"
March 14, 2008 (Aoyama Diamond Hall, Omotesando)

PHP Study Meeting #31 PHP Study Meeting #31
"WSS - Web Service Schema"
February 28, 2008 (Knocking On, Asabu-Juban)

Tokyo ActionScript Meetup 2008 F/ Colin Moock Tokyo ActionScript Meetup 2008 F/ Colin Moock
January 16, 2008 (Adobe Systems Inc., Osaki)


Web 2.0 EXPO Tokyo Web 2.0 EXPO Tokyo
"JavaScript Labs"
November 15, 2007 (Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel)

Sun Tech Days 2007 in Tokyo Sun Tech Days 2007 in Tokyo
"Mash up Award - present and future"
November 8, 2007 (Tokyo International Forum)

Informatization Seminar 2007 Informatization Seminar 2007
"Web 2.0 updates and trends"
November 1, 2007 (Ogaki, Gift Pref.)

Shibuya.JS 24 Mozilla 24 / Shibuya.JS 24
September 15, 2007 (Bellesalle Kudan)

Google JAPAN's developers round table #1 Google JAPAN's developers round table #1
"iGoogle and Google Gadget"
September 13, 2007 (Google Japan)
... Google Japan Blog

XDev 2007 X-over Development Conference 2007 (XDev)
"Web Service Bussiness x Mash ups"
September 7, 2007 (Tokyo Dome Hotel)
... Nikkei BP ITpro

Mash up Caravan Mash up Caravan Japan Tour
July 23, 2007 Mash up Caravan in Osaka
July 26, 2007 Mash up Caravan in Fukuoka

The Days of Web Standards The Days of Web Standards JavaScript/Ajax track
July 16, 2007 (Akihabara UDX)


CSS Nite CSS Nite Vol.15 Mini Talk, December 2006
CSS Nite

Information Architechor on Web 2.0 era, October 2006
Information Processing Society of Japan

WCAN/200609, September 2006
Web Creators Association Nagoya, blog

Interop Tokyo
NEOJAPAN, Inc., June 2006
photos, link

Shibuya.JS Technical Talk #1
Shibuya.JS, April 2006
photos, sheets


PostgreSQL Seminor
Japan PostgreSQL Users Group, September 2005

Publications - books and articles

Nikkei Software 2010 December
Column "HTML5 makes JavaScript programming more smart"
Publisher: Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (2010/10/23)

Social Stream Business
Publisher: Impress Japan Corporation (2010/7/23)
ISBN-10: 4844328956

Web Designing 2008 November
"Key-technologies and websites for 2009"
Publisher: Mainichi Communications Inc. (2008/12/18)

Web Site Expert #18
"WiiRemote and Gainer over the Net"
Publisher: Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd., May 2008
ASIN: 4774134856

One page column about Real-device web-services

Nikkei Software -Premium Omnibus- Whole Programming Package 2007
Publisher: Nikkei Business Publications, Inc., August 2007
ASIN: 4822228436

Web creators (June 2007)
Publisher: Impress Communications, April 2007 [MdN]

* very short article only

Magugoto JavaScript & Ajax! Vol.1
"JS Library Labs"
Publisher: Impress Japan Corporation, February 2007

Information Processing
Publisher: Information Processing Society of Japan, October 2006

Nikkei Software
Publisher: Nikkei Business Publications, Inc., October 2006

Professional JavaScript Principles
Publisher: MdN Corporation, Inc., June 2006

Software Design
Publisher: Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd., April 2006

Ajax Ajax - basic techniques for developments
Publisher: Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd., March 2006


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